Corporate Directory Manager

Activate Corporate Directory Manager leverages Active Directory as a corporate directory and phone list.

It allows users to search for other users on the network and view the organisation hierarchy in a simple, user friendly way.
Business users can update their own contact details, including phone, photo and other details that are appropriate. Changes to certain details, such as manager or title can require an approval before being accepted and changed automatically.

Keeping this information in Active Directory up to date means that the information is available within Outlook, SharePoint, Skype for BusinessĀ and any other products that utilise Active Directory.


Phone List Search

Search and present informationĀ from Active Directory in a familiar phone list style format

User Properties

Provide a detailed properties form for user information from Active Directory

Organisational Chart

Automatically generate an organisational chart from information in Active Directory


Allow business users to Create, Update and Delete Contacts in Active Directory that can appear in the corporate directory

Self Service Update Details

Allow business users to quickly update their details including phone, photo or other details

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Customisable Search

    Customisable search of Active Directory Users and Information
  • Customisable User Properties

    Customise the properties available for users to see. It is also possible to have different properties for different users
  • Customisable Update Forms

    End Users have the ability to update information, this form can be customised depending upon the information you require in Active Directory
  • Organisational Chart

    An organisational chart is generated from the 'Manager' information stored in Active Directory

The following feature is available but may require additional implementation or configuration effort. It is often implemented in more advanced customers or in a phased approach.

  • User Registration Process

    This process can be used to get users to update their information as part of the implementation. This is for environments that have out of date information within Active Directory and wish to prompt users to update their details