Activate Provisioning Server

The Activate Provisioning Server provides the base functionality for all other Activate Modules. The system provides common services such as configuration management, job and workflow management as well as common auditing and security features.

Customers can then purchase as few or as many Activate Modules as required for their organisation.

A common platform means that all Activate Modules have the same look and feel as well as common functionality. This makes it easier for Business Users to understand, so they can start using additional modules quickly and easily.

The Activate Provisioning Server consists of 2 major components:

  • Activate Web Portal based on IIS
  • Activate Provisioning Framework and Workflow Engine


Simple to Use

The Activate Web Portal is designed for end users to quickly and easily request and action requests. A simple ribbon toolbar and properties page shows the user what actions are possible

Business Owners

Users in the business can be delegated ownership of certain objects, such as Distribution Lists, Shared Folders, Service Catalogue items etc. These users can approve Requests for access and perform other actions

Business Workflow

All actions can require approval. Reminders, Escalation procedures and Delegated approvals are built in to the Activate platform to ensure that users can always request, approve and monitor approvals as they happen

Security and Audit

All approvals and actions are auditable and reportable within the system. External and System Auditors can quickly and easily determine when and who approved particular actions

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Customisable Web Portal

    The Activate Web Portal can be skinned via Banner customisation and CSS changes to mirror your corporate branding
  • Declarative Workflow

    Activate's Declarative Workflow is designed to work 'out-of-the-box' without significant customisation, however the workflow can easily be customised if required. The Declarative Workflow also means that complex workflows can be implemented quickly and easily without the need of a developer. Complex processes that would take many 'pages' of code or diagrams in other products can be implemented quickly and simply
  • Role Based Access Control

    Activates comprehensive role based security system makes it easy to delegate the appropriate tasks to other users
  • Reminders and Escalations

    The Workflow Engine has built in rules for sending reminders and escalations for workflow steps. This means it is simple to implement and change without having to modify every workflow
  • Security and Auditing

    All actions within Activate are logged and audited. This information is available a SQL Server DB and can be accessed using built in reports or via custom reports if required
  • Meta-datastore and Connectors

    The Activate Meta-datastore can be used to extend and provide a virtual schema server across multiple data sources. For example, live HR data can be used from within the Activate system to provide information to users

Technical Requirements

The following is the minimum requirements for Activate, specific Modules may have other requirements. For example, Distribution List Manager requires Microsoft Exchange.

Activate Provisioning Server Windows Server 2016 or higher
IIS 7 or higher 
.NET 4.7.2 or higher 
SQL Server 2012 or higher
Microsoft IE 11+ / Chrome 18+ / Firefox 10+ / Safari 5+
Microsoft Active Directory 2000 or Higher