Service Desk Integration Manager

The Activate Service Desk Integration Manager provides a framework that empowers business users to View, Request and Update manual Service Desk Tickets in an external Service Desk Product. The framework provides a way of standardising access to manual Service Desk information even if that information is spread across multiple Activate Modules.

The system allows for the synchronisation of this information between the Enterprise Service Desk product, whether the product is hosted internally or in the cloud.

Activate has prebuilt connectors for products such as BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, Assyst, CA, Cherwell and others.


Log Incidents

An easily customisable "Log an Incident" form allows end users to quickly Log Incident Tickets. The form can automatically search the knowledge base for known answers

Enterprise Integration

Tickets can automatically be logged with information from Active Directory or other enterprise systems connected to the Activate Meta database

Service Request

Integration with the Activate Services Manager Module means Service Catalogue Items that require Manual Processes, can be quickly and easily incorporated into the overall automation process. Users can be informed of Ticket SLA even before they log the request

View Ticket Details

Users can view open Tickets and all details from the Service Desk, including Log Notes and attachments as required

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Customisable Forms

    Easily customise the form and information that end users submit. The information can be customised based on the type of Incident
  • Knowledge Base Integration

    Instant search while the users enter information, allows instant feedback on known issues and fixes for common problems
  • High Availability

    Tickets are queued and delivered in a highly scalable server event queue. This means that outages on the Service Desk, whether hosted locally or in the cloud, never result in a lost ticket
  • Native Agent-less Connectors

    All Activate connectors use the published API of the specific Service Desk product to provide a robust interface and future proof the system. Connectors can be created for Service Desk products quickly and easily.
  • End User Provisioning Integration

    Activate can Create, Update or Delete Service Desk users as part of the overall provisioning process. This means that new users are instantly available to the Service Desk without needing to wait for background sync processes