Service Properties

The Activate Service Catalogue can be extended by creating custom Services in Activate. These Services have a standard set of properties that define:

  • Service Name, Image, Description etc
  • Optionals that control the Approvals for the Service
  • Service Owners and Approvers
  • Related, Required and Alternative Services
  • Links to Knowledge Base Articles within Activate

 These properties can easily be extended if required.

Standard Service Properties

All Activate Services have a number of predefined properties that are used to display the item to end users.
  • Display Name and Image
  • Keywords and Object Tags
    • Multiple object tags can be added to group and provide additional search keywords
  • Pricing
    • Initial and/or Monthly Pricing options
  • Installation Options
    • These provide more information to the user about what to expect if the Service is approved
  • Workflow
    • Options on the Service control the standard workflow. These options are used to generate the preview for the user
  • Alternatives
    • These are alternative Services that may be more appropriate for the user. For example, pointing out that a 'free' version or 'lite' version of an expensive software item is available
  • Related Items (not shown)
    • Related items are items that the user may wish to order at the some time. For example, if ordering a Laptop the user may wish to order an external monitor
  • Required Items (not shown)
    • Required items are items that the user must also have to use a Service. For example, if ordering VPN access then an RSA token is required, the system will automatically order this item if the user does not already have it

Service Instances for Users

Once a Service is assigned to a User, Users, Managers and the Service Desk Role within Activate can easily see the Services that user currently has.
  • View the details for the Service instance
    • Date the Service was granted
    • Costs - Initial and Monthly
    • Optionally, the computer for the Service
    • The details for the Service
  • The user can request an update for the Service.
    • For example to change the access levels within a LOB application, the existing rights are shown and the user can update these as required. The new rights are then automatically applied if the Service is automated
    • If allowed, the user can transfer the Service between computers
  • The user can request to remove the Service
  • The Service can be automatically removed on a Transfer between roles
  • The Service will be automatically removed when a user is terminated

Custom Service Web Forms

All Activate Services can have a custom web form to gather additional information. 
  • Highly dynamic and complex web forms can be created using Drag and Drop with no coding
  • Builtin Web Controls make it easy to create engaging forms for your users
  • The controls support data binding to the service data without coding
  • The web forms can be rendered automatically into Read Only mode for display on the web site or in Emails
  • Forms can be created on the Web Portal or within the Activate Administrator application

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