Service Workflow

Activate Services use a standard predefined Workflow process allowing new Services to be created by non-technical staff.

  • It is not necessary to create Custom Workflows for each Service
  • If required, this Workflow can be customised on implementation to add Approval Steps
  • Custom Workflows can be specified for a Service in rare cases that don't fit the standard process
  • Standard Escalation and Reminder processes are builtin out of the box 
  • This process leverages Activates Declarative Workflow engine to make the implementation fast and simple


Standard Approval Process

The standard approval process for a Service is shown below. Options on the Service and information about the user control the workflow process for each individual request.

  • The Manager Approval step can be skipped for a specific Service (or class of Services)
  • The Financial Approval step can be skipped for a specific Service (or class of Services)
    • For example, this can be set so that anything over $XXX requires approval
    • The financial approval defaults to the Cost Centre Manager for the users cost centre
    • This information is often gathered from an HR or Financial system, however, if this information is not available the User may need to specify who the Approver is
  • If there are Service Approvers specified on the Service, then this step is required or it will be skipped
  • Once approved the Fulfilment step is completed where the automated process to create/update or delete the Service is done


The Activate Declarative Workflow engine has built in processes for ensuring that Approvals are actioned in a timely manner.
  • Approvals are sent immediately by email to approvers
  • Users are reminded by email every 2 days that an Approval is waiting on them
  • Users can approve requests on the Web Portal, by Email or on their Mobile
  • Users can view the entire process and previous approvals directly on the Web Portal
  • The Web Portal provides warnings for approvals that are becoming critical or are going to miss an SLA
  • The Approver may be required to provide further information when approving a request or a reason when declining it

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