SharePoint Manager

The Activate SharePoint Manager Module allows you to manage Microsoft SharePoint Access based on corporate policies and provisioning processes. Microsoft SharePoint has the ability to provide out-of-the-box provisioning within the product. However, the all or nothing approach means that unless tightly controlled by corporate policies, your SharePoint environment can rapidly become unmanageable.

  • Manage Access to Sites and Lists with appropriate approvals from Business Owners
  • Manage Business Owners of Sites
  • Template Site and List Creation based on Corporate Policies with approval if required
  • Dynamically scan and update manual changes made in SharePoint
  • Grant Access for a period of time
  • Role Based Access Control
  • SharePoint and SharePoint online compatible

Activate extends functionality of SharePoint to allow corporate policies and governance to be automated while still allowing business users to manage their own environment. For example, the creation of new Sites is managed so that users may create new Sites with approval or may only create certain ‘types’ of sub-sites at any one location.

Implementation of new systems like SharePoint can provide significant benefit to the business. However, without the integration of management processes into the overall infrastructure management, they can cause an increase in load on the IT organisation to support and manage the new environment. This can cause service management issues and reduce the user’s perceived value of the new system and functionality.

Activate SharePoint Manager provides stream-lined management and provisioning processes that ensures that the investment you are making in SharePoint is a success, while increasing the functionality and reducing the impact on the IT service organisation.


Browse Sites and Lists

Users can easily browse available SharePoint Sites and Lists online and select the access they need

View Available Options

Users can view the current security options available for each Site or List. Users can select Read or Contribute access without needing to know anything about Active Directory Groups or SharePoint Security

Multiple Business Owners

Each Site or List can have multiple Business Owners. These Business Owners can approve and manage access to the data within the Site or List

Create Sites and Lists

Allow end users to create SharePoint Sites and Lists, the appropriate Groups are created in Active Directory or SharePoint and the site is secured and fully managed without IT intervention

Temporary Access

Grant access to users for a period of time. Improve access and data security by only granting contractors or internal users on secondment temporary access

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Scan Existing Security

    Activates high performance scanning engine will scan your SharePoint farms on a regular basis (configurable) and display the security found. This means that implementation is quick and easy
  • SharePoint Integration

    Activate integrates with Microsoft's SharePoint APIs to assist in the management of the SharePoint environment
  • Business Owners and Approvals

    Multiple Business Owners can be assigned to Sites or Lists, these Owners can approve access and generally manage the access to the Site or List
  • Data Access Expiry

    Access can be requested for a specific time and also set to expire. Expiring access allows for temporary access for contractors or internal users on secondment. Users are notified 7 days before the access expires and have the option to request an extension, access is removed on the expiry date
  • Create Secured Sites and Lists

    Managing the creation of secured Lists can be complex if done manually. Activate simplifies this and removes the risk of mistakes by standardising how Sites and Lists are created and secured. Based on a template, associated Active Directory or SharePoint Groups are created and managed as required