Business Workflow

Often getting something approved can be more time consuming and frustrating for business users than actually getting it delivered. Activate can automate your business processes allowing people to quickly approve requests online. Automatic escalations are built in so that no request sits around waiting. End users can check online where their request is up to, which allows them to follow up with the appropriate user if required. Finally, all the approvals are audited providing real traceability and confidence that business processes and policies are being adhered to.

  • High Cost Savings

    Activates online approval process is faster and more efficient than paper-based systems, saving time for the business users involved and delivering results faster
  • Reduce Calls to the Service Desk

    End users can quickly see who their request is waiting on and follow up with the business user rather than having to contact the Service Desk
  • Results Focused

    Activate makes it easy for users to approve requests online or via email and also sends reminders and escalates to the appropriate people if approvals are not actioned on time
  • Business Owners

    Activates ability to configure and maintain business owners for particular resources such as Distribution Lists, Shared Folders etc, means that the appropriate people are approving each request

Example Workflow Steps


  • Approval Step
  • Send Notification
  • Execute Script
  • Delay
  • Log Ticket

Procedural Systems

  • SET [VAR] = [Value]
  • Execute Script
  • Set Timer
  • Send Email

Business Workflow

Activate Modules are built on the underlying business Workflow Engine. This powerful Workflow Engine is based on a 'Declarative Workflow Engine' rather than a traditional 'Procedural Workflow'. This means:
  • Workflows are easy to create for non-programmers
  • Workflows can be easily 'parameterised', this significantly reduces the number of Workflows that are required
  • Workflows that would require a large number of steps including if/then statements and while loops etc, can be done in a single step in Activate
  • Complex reminder and escalation rules are built into the system - you do not need to put these into each Workflow you build
  • Tight integration with Activate, HR, Active Directory/Azure, Exchange etc, means that information to create dedicated processes is readily available


Simple Summary and Notifications

Users can quickly and easily see the status of their requests or if they have any approvals waiting for them

Email Notifications and Reminders

Users are notified via email of events within the system including escalations and reminders for tasks that require their action

Approval Processes

Users can quickly and easily see the approval process that is required for any actions they perform

Current Status

Users can see a visual representation of the approval process, as well as what stage the process is at and who it is waiting on