Azure and Office 365 Management

Activates virtual LDAP technology extends your Active Directory environment out to Azure AD and beyond. Activate Services can be linked to Azure AD groups or applications as well as internal Active Directory Groups. This means that Azure AD objects such as Users and Groups can easily be incorporated into your Enterprise processes.

A number of Activate Modules can operate with online or on-premise solutions:

  • Distribution List Manager
  • Shared Mailbox Manager
  • SharePoint Manager
  • Software Management via Services Manager can manage In-Tune or SCCM
  • User Manager to create and provision users in Azure and Active Directory

A number of Activate Modules are designed explicitly for Azure and Office 365 management:

  • Microsoft Teams Manager
  • Cloud Drive Manager for OneDrive
  • Office 365 Migration Pack
    • Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tools
    • Dashboards and Tasks for non technical people to drive the migration process

Virtual LDAP

Activates virtual LDAP technology allows Azure AD to be managed in the same way as Active Directory. This means that services can be transitioned from on-premise to the cloud in a seamless manner without user service interruptions.
  • Azure AD appears as a Domain in your Forest
  • Standard Activate processes can manage Azure Users and Groups
  • Extended Schema items allow you to manage Azure only Attributes like User Photo, Azure Licence, Azure Usage Location etc
  • Manage Cloud Only Users


  • Integrate Cloud Services

    Simple integration of cloud services into existing Activate processes. For example, default entitlements of Cloud Services on Roles
  • Security and Audit

    Linking external cloud access to your internal authentication and authorisation processes significantly improves the security and auditability of these external cloud-based solutions
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    The introduction of cloud-based enterprise services can cause end-user disruption as processes and modes of working change. Activate minimises this by automating and reconciling internal and external provisioning processes