Activate provides solutions to assist end users with self service automation. This enables businesses to:

  • Reduce Costs

    Self Service and Automation are the keystone concepts in Activate. Self Service means that requests are handled quickly and efficiently online rather than requiring a phone call to the Service Desk. Automation means that tasks that once needed expensive IT resources to perform are fully automated and do not require manual intervention
  • Improve End User Service

    Activate empowers business users to request and action common IT tasks that would normally need to be performed by IT staff manually. This means that tasks that may have taken a few days in the past can be done in a few seconds with Activate
  • Enhanced Security, Auditing and Compliance

    Through end to end Workflow, Approvals and delegated business ownership, Activate can significantly enhance the security of your organisation and Intellectual Property. The ability to tell who submitted a request, who approved it and when, through to the detailed actions that were taken to implement the action mean that your external Auditors will have detailed information at their fingertips


End User Self Service

Empower business users with an easy to use, self service web portal that goes beyond a single Service Catalogue

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Approvals and Workflow

Simple and effective business Approvals and Workflows. Builtin Reminders and Escalation processes means that users get what they need when they need it

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Automation of common IT tasks and processes means a reduction in costs and errors as well as improved service to the business

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Business Issues and Solutions

The following is a sample of common IT issues that can be automated with Activate.