Cloud Management

Activate allows you to integrate external Cloud Based Services into internal provisioning processes. Services such as SAP, Office 365 and other user-based enterprise Cloud Services can be automatically provisioned, updated and more importantly de-provisioned as part of your overall service and user management processes.

The Activate Service Catalogue allows services to be virtualised and presented to users in a consistent manner. This means no matter where the service is delivered from, the user experience for managing the service is the same. Over time as services are migrated to the cloud, the user provisioning and management experience does not change. This provides a significant cost saving as the standardisation of these processes and integration means users do not have to learn new processes.

  • Integrate User-Based Cloud Services

    User-based services such as Office 365, Google Apps, SAP and other line of business cloud services can be integrated and managed
  • Security and Audit

    Linking external Cloud Access to your internal authentication and authorisation processes significantly improves the security and auditability of these external Cloud-based solutions
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    The introduction of cloud-based enterprise services can cause end user disruption as processes and modes of working change. Activate minimises this by automating and reconciling internal and external provisioning processes