Activate allows business users to request, approve and automate common IT tasks online, that would normally require a Service Desk call or other specialist IT support. End user self service functions range from simple tasks such as setting up a new user, Password Resets and the management of Group lists, to sophisticated user self-provisioning of new hardware or software.

Activate aims to fully automate an organisation's IT & Business processes, thus removing the need for manual Service Desk actions as much as possible. At the same time, Activate implements robust and consistent workflow processes, easily configured within the Activate Workflow Engine to individual business and process needs.

Activate’s modular design enables each customer to select the functionality that represents the greatest value for them – and implement at their own speed.

Out of the Box processes for managing common IT systems means that the implementation is quick and easy, while allowing flexibility to fit the organisation's requirements.

Self Service

Empower business users with simple end user self service

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Simple and effective business approvals and workflow

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Automation of common IT tasks and processes

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Activate Provisioning Server

All Activate products are built on the Activate Provisioning Server platform. This platform provides a robust framework for implementing self service automation and provides the base infrastructure for security, meta directory and auditing.

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Activate's modular approach means that you can customise the solution to suit your organisation, starting with a single module if desired or, implementing a more comprehensive self service and automation solution.

Distribution List Manager

Allow users to manage Exchange Distribution Lists, including end user request access and List creation

Folder Manager

Delegate Shared Folder access requests and approvals to the business

Cloud Folder Manager

Allow end users to manage Cloud based file system in OneDrive, Dropbox etc. in a similar manner to onsite data

Shared Mailbox Manager

Allow users to manage Shared Mailbox resources including Equipment and Meeting Room resources

Services Manager

Extend the Service Catalogue with custom Services to automatically Deploy Desktop Software, Manage Access to Applications and Systems as well as other business processes

Teams Manager

Manage Microsoft Teams in a consistent and auditable manner

User Provisioning Manager

Create, Update and Terminate user accounts quickly and accurately. Active Directory, Exchange and other provisioning rules can quickly and easily be implemented

Role and Entitlements Manager

Manage Roles and user Entitlements quickly and easily. In conjunction with other Activate modules, everything from automated access to Shared Folders, Email Lists through to Services and Software can all be managed with Activate

Password Manager

Allow users to Reset their Password or Unlock their Account without calling the Service Desk

Password Policy Manager

Enforce advanced complex Password Policies. For example, check dictionary words, simple substitutions and enable Pass Phrases

Corporate Directory Manager

Leverage Activate Directory as a common store for business contact information. Allow users to update personal information including photos and other details

SharePoint Manager

Manage SharePoint Access and Site creation in conjunction with corporate policies

Asset and Licence Manager

Manage Software Licences and other Assets such as Mobile Phones etc.

Active Directory Compliance Manager

Monitor and enforce corporate policies for Active Directory. For example, monitor 'Domain Admins' and notify or remove users that are added if the action is not approved

Service Desk Integration Manager

Integrate Activate with your Enterprise Service Desk, creating a simple to use interface for users to log incidents, view and request services