Shared Mailbox Manager

Activate Shared Mailbox Manager allows business users to manage Shared Mailboxes without requiring Service Desk support. Via the Self Service Web Portal, business users can request, approve and create new Shared, Equipment and Meeting Room mailboxes.
Delegating Shared Mailbox management to the business allows for much closer authorisation and as end users are managing the Shared Mailboxes through Activate, IT resources are not required saving time and money. 

Each Shared Mailbox can be assigned multiple Business Owners. These Owners can approve requests for access to the Shared Mailbox and perform other actions.

Allowing users to Create and Manage Shared Mailboxes is more efficient on company and IT resources and allows for more visibility of these Shared Mailboxes within the organisation.



Simple to Use

Allow end users to quickly and easily request and action the management of Shared and Resource Mailboxes. A ribbon toolbar and properties page shows the user which actions are possible

Resource Types

Equipment and Room Mailboxes can be managed along with advanced settings such as maximum lead times for meetings


Manage delegates for Shared, Equipment or Room mailboxes

Security and Access

Quickly and easily manage access to the Shared Mailboxes

Detailed Feature Summary

  • End User Request Access

    End users can request access to Shared Mailboxes. Business Owners of the Shared Mailbox approve the requests for access, if there is no Business Owner assigned, the approval is sent to a default approver (often the Service Desk role within Activate)
  • Manage Ownership

    Tasks within Activate allow end users to request Ownership or remove Ownership of a Shared Mailbox. Owners can typically manage the delegation, other Owners and lifecycle of the Shared Mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox Creation

    Users can create new Shared Mailboxes (with approval) with all business rules enforced, such as name prefixes etc.
  • Active Directory Synchronisation

    Changes to Shared Mailboxes that are made manually outside of Activate are synchronised into Activate each night