Cloud Folder Manager

Activate Cloud Folder Manager allows users to view and manage cloud-based storage in a simple integrated enterprise management solution.
Cloud Folders can be integrated into Default Role Entitlements and access to these folders can be made part of the overall Enterprise provisioning solution without needing manual support.


Browse Folders

Users can easily browse available Cloud Folders online and select the Folder that they require access to

View Available Options

Users can view the current security options available for each Cloud Folder. Selecting Read/Write access can be done without needing to know anything about Groups or Security

Multiple Business Owners

Each Folder can have multiple Business Owners. These Business Owners can approve and manage access to the data within the Cloud Folder

Create Cloud Folders

Allow end users to create Cloud Folders - the appropriate groups are created in the Cloud Based Systems, the Folder is secured and fully managed without IT intervention

Temporary Access

Grant users access to a folder for a period of time. Improve access and data security by only granting contractors or internal users on secondment temporary access

Show who has Access

Allow business users to quickly and easily see who has access to their Cloud Folder. They can then easily remove this access if required

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Plug-in Solution to manage different Cloud Storage Vendors

    Activates generic plugin solution allows the management of multiple cloud storage solutions. Plugins currently exist for OneDrive and Dropbox, however, other solutions can be created as required
  • Business Owners and Approvals

    Multiple Business Owners can be assigned to Cloud Folders, these Owners can approve access to the Cloud Folder
  • Create Cloud Folder

    Managing the creation of Cloud Folders can be complex if done manually. Activate removes the chance of mistakes by standardising how Cloud Folders are created and secured. Based on a template, Cloud Folders and their associated security  groups are created and managed