Teams Manager

Activate Teams Manager allows business users to manage Microsoft Teams automatically without requiring IT support. By using Self Service concepts the system allows business users to

  • Request and Approve Access
  • Create Teams based on corporate standards
  • Automatic verification and renewal processes
  • Role Based Access Control when using the Role and Entitlements Module

Microsoft Teams has the native ability to allow users to create Teams. However, in Enterprise environments this can quickly get out of  control.

  • There is no way to enforce naming conventions
  • Duplicates can easily be created
  • A Team Owner can perform actions that can compromise security and audit requirements
  • Renaming Teams can cause a lot of issues for end users, it is recommended to get the Team names correct from day one and prevent any duplicates


Simple to Use

Allow end users to quickly and easily request and action the management of Microsoft Teams. A  ribbon toolbar and properties page shows the user what actions are possible


Categorise Teams and provide different business rules and approvals for different sets of Teams

Security and Audit

All approvals and actions are auditable and reportable within the system. External and System Auditors can quickly and easily determine when and who approved particular actions.

Detailed Feature Summary

  • End User Request Access

    End users can request access to Microsoft Teams. Business Owners of the Team approve the request, if no business owner is set on a specific Team, then a default approver (often the Service Desk role within Activate) is used
  • Manage Ownership

    Tasks within Activate allow end users to request ownership or remove ownership of a Team. Owners can typically manage the membership, other owners and lifecycle of the Team. This is different to the internal owner in Office 365 which is normally the Activate Account. If the owner in Office 365 is the actual user then they can perform actions that can compromise corporate security
  • Microsoft Teams Creation

    Users can create Microsoft Teams (with approval) with all business rules enforced, such as name prefixes etc. 
  • Team Expiration

    Teams created by users within Activate are automatically set to expire every 180 days (configurable). Upon expiry the owners of the Team can opt to keep or delete the Team.