Activates unique combination of Self Service, Business Workflow and Automation enables processes that previously required trained technical IT resources to be easily done by Business Users online. A lot of ITSM systems talk about automation but what they really mean is 'automating' the workflow such as approvals. Activates automation includes managing the full lifecycle from request to approval to fulfilment of the change.

  • Delegate Complex Tasks to Less Skilled Staff

    Automated tasks and functions mean that anyone that can use a web site can do things that previously required a highly trained IT resource. Delegating tasks and functions that previously required 2nd or 3rd level IT resources, to business users or less trained Service Desk staff, saves money, time and reduces errors
  • 360 Degree Management

    Activate manages the lifecycle of the resources and objects in your systems, whether they be Users, Distribution Lists, Services, Folder Access and data etc. From the creation of the object to the movement and eventually deletion of this data, Activate provides processes that make sure that your corporate policies are enforced
  • Compliance

    Automated processes are immune to human error and always follow the defined process, therefore also following corporate policy and compliance

Comprehensive Orchestration and Automation

All Activate Scripts are written in .NET and stored in our meta-database. This means that:
  • Activate provides a full development environment
  • All scripts are version controlled and secured
  • Scripts can be written in C#, VB.NET or PowerShell
  • Connecting to REST/SOAP or native API's is quick and easy
  • Activates secure run-time environment means that all actions are tracked to provide a comprehensive Audit Log of all changes made

Connector and Delta Synchronisation

Activate Connector technology makes it easy to create sync and delta processes from external data.
  • HR User Sync
  • Role and Department Sync
  • Application Access

The system will automatically detect new, updated and deleted rows and perform the required actions automatically. For example, Create User, Update User, Move User or Delete User are typical actions performed by a HR User Synchronisation process.


Automate Complex Tasks

Automate complex tasks such as creating and managing Folder Security. This allows even non-technical people to do things that traditionally have required skilled IT staff to do


Ensure corporate policies and rules are applied by using Activates sophisticated Automation Engine to automate common multi-step actions like creating users and their required infrastructure settings

Audit and Compliance

Automate Auditing and Compliance issues. Save time and money by allowing Auditors to quickly view approvals and information in Activate without requiring IT support

Active Directory Automation

Activate is highly integrated and designed to manage large Enterprise Active Directory Environments