Service Catalogue

Traditional ITSM Service Catalogues are actually 'Service Request Catalogues'. They are designed to present a form to the end user, gather the data required, possibly gather some approvals and then send this to the Service Desk to action manually. ITSM Service Request Catalogues generally provide very little out of the box automation except the ability to run a script as part of the workflow.

Activate Modules provide out of the box automation for the following items:

  • Exchange Distribution List Access and Management
  • Folder Security and Data Access Management
  • Shared Mailbox Access and Management
  • Software Deployment via SCCM, AD Groups or Intune
  • System Access that is controlled via Active Directory or Azure groups
  • SharePoint Site Access and Management
  • Cloud Folder Data Access and Management
  • User Account Management
  • Role Based Access Control Management
  • User Password Management
  • Microsoft Teams Management

Activates flexible and extensible Service Management solution allows the creation of new Service Catalogue items - called Services - that support a combination of automated, partially automated and manually provisioned Services.

Activates unique combination of Services linked to Access Management and Systems Management means that users can request, approve and action these items online. The end to end process means that Auditors can view actions from Request to Approval right through to the automated provisioning and fulfilment of these requests.

  • Reduced Costs

    Automating common provisioning and access processes means that tasks that once took a trained IT person to do can be done automatically and simply online. Services are created once and standard processes are used to Request, Update or Remove the Service from a user 
  • Standardised Workflows

    All Services follow the same basic workflow process for requests, updates or removal. This simplifies the creation of new Services and makes it easier for users to understand the processes
  • Security and Audit

    End to end processes from Request, through to Business Approval and finally Automated Fulfilment mean that Auditors and Security personnel can be sure that security and compliance processes are being followed
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    Automated access and provisioning, along with integrated end user request processes means that it is quick and easy for users to get what they require, when they need it. This significantly increases end user satisfaction with IT and means that the IT organisation can focus on adding value rather than performing repetitive tasks that can be automated

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Service vs Service Request

Traditional ITSM Service Catalogues are actually 'Service Request Catalogues', Activate Services are very different

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Services Manager

Activate Service Manager provides the platform to create your own customised services

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Catalogue Items

As part of the overall Activate Service Catalogue, Services are highly customisable to meet your business needs

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Standardised workflows make it simple to create new Services without complex development

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Service Automation

Activate Services provide out-of-the-box automation for may common items

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Online Service Catalogue

All Activate Modules and solutions are based on end user requests and are available online. The system has a sophisticated role and security based delegation system that can easily control who and what end users can do online. The system is designed to be simple for end users to use

Fast Instant Search

Users can quickly and easily search for the things they require. They can search for Services, Folders, Distribution Lists, SharePoint Access and any other items in Activate. Business Users familiar with Google can quickly and easily find things in Activate

Business Workflow

Activates comprehensive workflow and business approval engine, along with integration with Active Directory and remote directories for approval information means that business approvals can be actioned quickly and simply

Business Owners

Activate's ability to assign and manage business owners for system resources like Distribution Lists, Folders, SharePoint, Software and Systems Access means that it is simple to ensure that the right people are approving all actions

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activates Service Catalogue solution can help your organisation.