Role and Entitlements Manager

The Activate Role and Entitlements Manager Module allows for the management of Activate Roles such as Locations, Department and Business Roles.

  • Business Users can Add or Remove Users from a Role with the appropriate approvals
  • Automatic Creation, Update and Removal of Roles based on HR corporate structure
  • HR Synchronisation Integration can automatically assign, move and remove Users from Roles
  • Role Based Access is managed via Entitlements
  • Automatic Access to items within Activate such as Service Catalogue Items, Distribution Lists and Shared Folders can be assigned and managed on a per Role basis
  • Activate provides the ability to assign Role Owners or Business Units to manage Role Entitlements for the organisation from the Web Portal - rather than relying on IT for this function

Activate Role and Entitlements Manager also encompasses a sophisticated Role Attestation process that can periodically ask Business Owners of Roles to verify that the defaults on their Roles are correct. The attestation process can also ask Managers of Users in specific Roles to verify that the access they have over and above the Defaults on their roles is correct.


Role Hierarchy

Activate Roles are implemented as a hierarchy of Roles that generally have Departments, Locations and Business Roles as top level roles

Users in Roles

Users can be members of multiple Roles in Activate. For example, they may be in Department 'Accounting', Location 'San Francisco' and the Business Role 'Accountant'. Each role can provide different entitlements

Default Entitlements

Users can view and manage Default Entitlements, such as Services, Distribution Lists, Folder Access, etc online

Role Membership

Business users can view and manage role membership online

HR Connectivity

Roles and Role Membership can be synchronised from an external data source such as HRIS Systems

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Manage Roles Online

    Allow business users to Create, Update, Move and Delete Roles with the appropriate permissions
  • Customisable Role Properties

    Roles properties and update forms can be customised for specific properties that your organisation wishes business users to be able to manage and update
  • Request Entitlements

    In conjunction with other Activate Modules, this allows business users to request default entitlements such as Service Catalogue Items, Distribution Lists, Shared Folder Access and Teams Membership for existing Roles. The system can optionally add the requested default to all existing users in the Role. Users created or moved into this Role will be given these Defaults
  • Update User Details

    Adding Users to a Role can automatically update the user with role information such as address, phone number, department or division name etc
  • Bulk Update of Users

    Changes to Role information, such as the address or phone number can be updated for existing users in the Role in bulk
  • HR Role Synchronisation

    Roles and Role Membership can be synchronised from external data sources such as HRIS. Using Activates underlying Connector technology and the correct information from the external source, this can be linked into Role and Entitlements Manager as well as the User Provisioning Manager Module for a comprehensive Identity Management Provisioning Solution
  • Role Attestation

    Role attestation is the process of periodically asking Business Owners of Roles if the Default Entitlements on the Roles are still valid
  • User Attestation

    User Attestation is the process of periodically asking a user's manager if the current access that they have over and above the Defaults on their roles is still valid