User Provisioning Manager

The Activate User Provisioning Manager Module allows for the creation and management of user accounts in Active Directory and Azure AD.

  • Create User Accounts with Unique Login IDs and Email Addresses
  • Automatic out of the box On-Boarding and Provisioning Processes
  • Automatically Provision Mailboxes and Home Folders
  • Secure Password Generation and Management
  • Automatic Role Based Access Control with the Activate Role and Entitlements Manager, including automatic access to:
    • Distribution Lists
    • Shared Folder Access
    • Microsoft Teams Membership
    • Active Directory and Azure AD Groups
    • SharePoint Sites
    • Software
    • System Access
    • Automatic assignment of Hardware such as Computers or Mobiles
  • Move and Update Role Based Access according to Role Changes
  • Manual Requests or Integrated with HR via a synchronisation process via an Activate Connector
  • Disable / Enable Accounts manually or based on HR Sync information
  • Automatic out of the box Off-Boarding and Delete User Processes

The Activate Hierarchical Role Based Provisioning allows metadata to be easily configured to control this process. End users can create new user accounts in conjunction with corporate policy in a simple and comprehensive manner.

This allows for a small amount of information to be entered on the Activate Web Portal and the remaining information is derived from the business rules in Activate. For example, the users Login Name, Home Folder, Exchange Server Location etc are all set based on corporate policy rather than requiring someone to manually select this information.


Simple to Use

Users can enter simple business level information about the new user account and the system derives all other information from business rules

User Account Types

The system allows for different user account types. For example, employee's, contractors and vendors may have slightly different rules or information required

Customised Information

Customise the information gathered during this process that is relevant to your organisation

Hierarchical Role Based Provisioning

Hierarchical Role Based Provisioning allows corporate policies and rules to be quickly and easily configured and enforced without any coding required

Customised IT/HR On-Boarding

In conjunction with other Activate Modules such as the Services Manager Module, a full IT/HR On-Boarding process can be easily created to replace current manual MAC forms

User Lifecycle

Manage the user account from creation to moving roles such as Location, Department or Business role, through to termination

Account Owners

Activate adds the ability to have multiple account owners for accounts such as Service Accounts, Vendor Accounts etc. These users can manage the account and are responsible for audit items such as renewal processes

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Automated User Creation

    Create users in Active Directory and Azure AD using simple business level information and derive all other technical information from Activate Roles
  • Business Roles

    Activate User Management is based on the Activate Hierarchical Role system. Roles are generally created for Departments, Locations and optionally Business Roles. Users can be members of multiple roles and business rules to control the provisioning processes can be specified on the roles. For example, the Location may determine the file server that the users home folder is created on or the mail store that their Exchange mailbox is created on
  • Role and Entitlements

    In conjunction with the Activate Role and Entitlements Module, you are able to manage default entitlements such as Service Catalogue Items, Distribution Lists, Shared Folder Access and Teams membership for Users joining the company as well as moving around your organisation
  • Services - Service Catalogue Items

    Activate Services are the building blocks for creating a comprehensive solution for users to request additional Services for new users in the same way as they would for existing users. In conjunction with the Activate Services Manager Module, this common interface makes it easy for end users, while significantly reducing the cost of implementation
  • Multiple User Types

    The ability to have multiple User Types is available. Templates for Employees, Contractors, Vendors and Service Accounts are available in the base package. These can be customised according on your organisational needs
  • Move User

    The Move User process is triggered when a user changes roles within Activate. The move process can perform infrastructure moves as well as changing user's attributes in Active Directory
  • Rename User

    The rename user task automates the complex task of renaming a user account. This can include renaming the user's login, email address, home folder, home folder security and other information
  • Terminate User

    The Terminate User task performs the complex process of disabling, archiving data, removing Groups etc and then finally deleting the user account from Active Directory and Azure AD
  • HR Synchronisation

    Activate Connector technology makes it possible to extend the Activate User Provisioning Manager to trigger these actions when changes are detected in an external HR System. For example, user Create, Move and Delete tasks can all be automated when these events are triggered in the HR System. In conjunction with manually triggered Activate Requests for non HR Accounts such as Service Accounts, the system provides a comprehensive way to manage security and access throughout your network