Identity Management

Activates Identity Management solution allows large and small businesses to manage security and user access within their environment.

Identity Management (IdM) describes the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorisation, and privileges within or across systems and enterprise boundaries, with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks. Activates unique combination of end user Self Service, Business Oriented Workflow and Systems Automation provides a powerful platform and framework for realising these goals.

Identity management provides numerous benefits to your organisation:

  • Reduced Costs

    Automating common provisioning and access tasks means that tasks that once took a trained IT person to do can be done automatically and easily online
  • Security and Audit

    Linking security of external systems and processes to your primary user identity such as an Active Directory Account, significantly enhances security in your environment
  • Compliance

    End to end auditing and automated provisioning means that auditors can be confident that business processes are being followed and that security in your organisation is world class
  • Increase End User satisfaction

    Automated access and provisioning, along with integrated end user request processes, means that it is quick and easy for users to get what they require when they need it. This significantly increases end user satisfaction with IT and means that the IT organisation can focus on adding value rather than performing repetitive tasks that can be automated

Identity Management Functionality

Identity Management can cover a wide range of capabilities and functionality. The following outlines how Activate covers most of the common requirements for an Identity Management system.


Authentication is the process of verifying a user is who or what they claim to be. This is generally done with a password, certificate or possibly biometric mechanisms like a finger-print reader. Activate primarily uses Active Directory for authentication and leverages your current infrastructure. Activate assists this process by providing End-User Password Reset capabilities

User Provisioning

Activate User Manager can provision user accounts and their required infrastructure such as an Exchange Mailbox and Home Folder, based on internal business rules. This ensures that users are created in a consistent and accurate manner. This significantly saves time and money and reduces security issues

Password Management

Users can Reset their own Passwords or Unlock their Account with the Activate Password Manager module while maintaining security. These passwords can also be updated in other Services (Systems) that a user has 

Role Based Access Control

Activate Role and Entitlements Manager in conjunction with the Activate Services Manager module, allows for the management of users based on Roles simply and easily. Entitlements such as Software, Access to Line of Business Applications, Shared Folder Access, SharePoint and Distribution List membership can all be added to roles within Activate. This means that creating a user with all the entitlements they need on their first day is quick and easy and done in a consistent manner.

Automated User Provisioning from HR Data

Activate connector technology along with the combination of the Activate User Manager and the Role and Entitlements Manager modules means that users that are hired, moved or terminated within the HR system, can automatically have their accounts created, moved or deleted through the Activate Provisioning Engine. In conjunction with the Services Manager Module, the user's accounts in other systems can also be automatically managed

Automatic Update of Remote Systems

Activate Services Manager is a generic way of representing an external service or access within Activate. These services can automatically be created, updated and deleted as the user account changes, or requests are made online with the Activate system. For example, a user moving cost centres may automatically update a remote system with the cost centre and mobile phone number for billing.

Cloud Services Integration and Management

Activate Services Manager allows cloud services to be first class citizens in your automated provisioning strategy. Provisioning a service that is hosted internally or externally is seamless to the user.

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activates Identity Management solution can help your organisation.